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We have been your local locksmith services provider for a long time.

Our local locksmith shop is located at:

787 N Preston Rd
Prosper, TX 75078

All Days from 8:00 AM-11:00 PM

We offer 24 hour locksmith services to the entire city of Prosper TX. 

And Locksmith Prosper TX can be reached via phone  by calling:


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Locksmith services by Locksmith Prosper TX

When we started offering 24 hour locksmith services in the city of Prosper TX we set out in a path to have all of our locksmiths stand out from the rest by a land slide. And here at Locksmith Prosper TX we have done just that.

We did it by having our locksmith services techs offer a superb quality service, using top of the line materials on every job, making our locksmiths where there early and with affordable prices. 

Otherwise in a business like the locksmiths business there is no way to stand out.

Even tho today we still offer 24 hour locksmith services, we now do a lot more. We have our auto locksmith services where our 24 hour locksmiths go to you and can unlock car door lock for you to recover the car keys you locked in the car.

They can also fix or replace your door locks, make car key replacement sets if your car keys get lost. They can also help you by rekeying your door locks too and any other auto locksmith services you need. 

So when your car key needs some locksmiths love, or you need emergency locksmith services just give us a call and we'll be there for you.

Another service we provide is emergency locksmith services. Where if you're locked out of your home,  office building or company vehicle we send one of our emergency locksmiths right to you. And the emergency locksmith will make sure to squash your locksmith service emergency fast.

We can also make car key copy. So you can have a backup car key in case your car keys get lost. Our locksmiths can even reprogram transponder car keys. 

Or if your children are now of driving age, you can have us create a car key copy set for your children to use when they're driving the car.

Which means that our locksmiths are ready to help you right away as it doesn't matter what type of locksmith service you need, or what time you need the locksmiths at. As our 24 hour locksmith services techs are available any time you need them.

And we provide 24 hour locksmith services for your vehicle, your home and your business. So our locksmiths have you covered no matter what. Call us today to 469-213-0926 and have one of our locksmiths turn that locksmith services issue frown upside down.