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We have been your local locksmith services provider for a long time.

Our local locksmith shop is located at:

1049 N Preston Rd # 150
Prosper, TX 75078

We offer 24 hour locksmith services to the entire city of Prosper TX. 

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The car locksmiths here at Locksmith Prosper TX are ready to fix any car locksmith services problem that comes your way and help you prevent some. As our car locksmith services cover things like: car lockout rescue from locked keys in car. Door lock rekeying to change the car keys. Car key replacement when people lost car keys.

A car key as small as it is has the power to put the brakes on your entire day in an instant. Anyone who has locked keys in car before can fully agree with that statement. 

Since being locked out of your car, within visibility of the car keys locked inside the car is very frustrating.

But the car locksmiths here at Locksmith Prosper TX are able to open up that door lock and get you those car keys back in your hands in no time. 

As they know (most of them by experience) that accidentally locking keys in car can happen to anyone. So the car locksmiths work diligently to have the lockout resolved for you fast.

There is also the possibility that you will lost car keys at one point in your life. And the car locksmiths here at Locksmith Prosper TX can surely help you with that locksmith services issue too. As our car locksmiths can make you a replacement set of car key when you lost car keys.

And whether it's at your location or you come visit our local locksmith shop we can make a copy key set of your car keys that you can use as a backup. 

Our car locksmiths recommend that you store this copy key set in a safe place and use it to avoid another car lockout if it ever happens again.

There are enough people out there experiencing car lockouts in a daily basis to make us and our car locksmiths comfortable helping prevent a decent amount of car lockouts with this piece of advice to make a copy key set of car keys.

We really do urge you to call us any time you need or want any type of car locksmith services to the number 469-219-0926 so we can get your car locksmith services problems resulved for you in a jiffy. 

Whichever car locksmith service you need (car key copy, lockout rescue, lost car keys, door lock rekeying, locked keys in car, or anything else) just call us so we can fix it for you.